Web Hosting Reviews

Web Hosting Review and the People Who Post

April 4th, 2011

The question is often asked:  Who posts all those web hosting review ? That is a question that has many people wondering about that.  Not the posters of those reviews, though! They know what they want to accomplish and the rest of us can just enjoy or be chagrined that our opinions are either justified or, maybe, ignored by the prevailing thoughts on these very informative sites!

The posters of the reviews will take into consideration the information on the web hosting sites; they will log in to their account(s) and / or apply for a starter plan so that they can test the web site and all of the features. They all have their own criteria that they use to see if this hosting company is the best at this or that and then they can also test as to whether they can get their money back after using the plan for the little time that it takes to test and ask for their money back!

That is one of the things that they will test:  money back guarantee.